Custom Design

The Pieces pictured have all been specially crafted in our inhouse Design and Repair Shop. If you have a design in mind or just know that you want to use your Grandmothers diamonds we would love to sit down with you and make your dream a reality.

What is the Purpose of Jewelry?

Jewelry is adornment that is used creatively to embellish the individual who wears it. However, mass-produced designs and standard patterns generally appeal only to target markets of consumers. One design that looks great on one individual may be totally gauche on another. This is why we at R. Gregory Jewelers pride ourselves in designing individualized jewelry designs just for you.


What We Do

Our world consists of a beautiful color palate of colors, shapes, patterns and materials that R. Gregory Jewelers uses as a foundation to create its designs. Our expertise and personal service becomes even better when our specially trained jewelry custom design team meets with you individually to create the necklace, ring, bracelet or other piece that shouts "THIS IS ME!" All of this specialty work is completed right here on site in the shortest amount of time possible without taking any shortcuts whatsoever.


Contact R. Gregory Jewelers Today

Contact our Statesville or Langtree location today to make an appointment for an individualized custom design session. We can use your precious heirlooms, whether they are your grandmother's old diamonds or your mother's treasured pearls, and set them into a new design that you can pass on to your next generation. Come see us and let us adorn you