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Jewelry Repair 

Everyday wear and constant contact with perfume or water, be it during regular showers or at the beach, are factors that slowly damage your jewelry. As such, it can be the case that a dear piece of jewelry of yours breaks or gets damaged, which is sad. 

Regardless of the quality of the piece, daily wear and tear are expected to occur over time, and accidents can happen at any given moment. The question then becomes what to do with your jewelry if it breaks. Luckily, your precious pieces can be repaired by a good jeweler. 
Yet, many still have doubts about what to know before fixing jewelry. But no worries, we’re here to help answer all your questions when it comes to the process of repairing your beloved pieces. In the next paragraphs, you’ll read all you need to know about jewelry repair procedures.
broken jewelry

First of all, can broken jewelry really be fixed?

Jewelry can be fixed in a variety of various ways - no matter why or how your jewelry piece broke, so don't worry about it! This can include techniques such as soldering, remounting, and recycling. Depending on what you want to do with your pieces and why they broke in the first place. 

In most cases, repairing damaged jewelry is an easy task for any good jeweler. Redesigning your jewelry is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new piece. Especially considering that, when acquiring it, jewelry is meant to last for a lifetime and can be passed on for generations. 

But before you consider what to do with broken pieces, it’s important to know your options in terms of how to restyle them. To make this decision an easy one for you, let's inspire you to bring your pieces of jewelry back to life by redesigning or re-signifying them however you wish.
worn out rings

What to do with cut or worn out rings

A cut or worn out ring can be easily fixed by soldering its shank with new metal and polishing it. If the metal part of your ring or watch is damaged, a jeweler can easily fix it by soldering its shank back together with new metal and polish it, making it look brand new again.  

This repair is especially useful for wedding bands, since these are expected to last for a lifetime, yet are still prone to everyday wear. Your ring may also not fit as well  in the summer as it did during the winter or when you purchased it, as the weather causes puffiness. 

In that case, a jeweler can resize your ring, literally adapting it to your needs. Also, old rings that have become worn out or dull can also be redesigned to carry a gemstone and become a whole different piece, if you wish so. 
 jewelry bracelet

What about broken necklaces and bracelets?

Even if a necklace doesn’t break but you’d rather give it a boost than recover its original design, you can also choose to fix a necklace by remounting it into a bracelet, and restyle it while you’re at it.
Bracelets and necklaces are particularly prone to breakage because they’re so frequently worn - that is, on a daily basis, including in the shower and at the beach. Constant contact with perfumes, lotions and other beauty products can cause its chains to lose their luster. 

Daily wear can damage your jewelry and result in broken chains or loose clasps. Yet, these can be easily tightened, or, if necessary, you can have some of its pieces replaced. Even in worst-case situations, broken necklaces can still be used to create perfect bracelets which, albeit smaller in size, will keep the character of the original piece. That way, the memories attached to it will remain there, but you’ll get a brand-new piece to add to your collection. 
broken gemstones

What to do with displaced or broken gemstones? 

If your jewelry piece broke because it lost a gemstone or a piece of it, don’t worry, that's an easy fix. If gemstones fall off from necklaces, earrings or bracelets, they can be fixed by simply tightening its prongs. 

If a pair of gemstone earrings break, this does not have to be the end, as the stones can be turned into a beautiful pendant. Gemstones can also be placed back or replaced by similar stones when it comes to rings. 

These are just some examples of what to do with displaced stones. Another option is to replace them by stones of your choice to boost your piece. You can do so by choosing one that is meaningful to you, such as your zodiac or birth stone.

How to prevent breakage from occurring in the first place

Some repairs can be done to prevent breakage from occurring in the first place. This is very common when it comes to prongs (the little hooks that hold gemstones in place). To avoid losing a precious gemstone due to a worn-out prong, you can have it repaired, be it by replacing it for a new piece altogether, or simply by flattening it to put it back in place, as needed.

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