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Be One Of The Few Women Who Are At The Top Of Their Bracelet

With so many posts on social media and incredible selfies, every woman wants to have a unique sense of style to look beautiful on every new post.
Here's a secret: bracelets need no introduction because they're wonderful accessories to add a final touch to any outfit. Not only that, but you can also enhance the look of watches and rings by combining them. 
Here's an easy guide to the many  styles of bracelets. It will help you choose jewelry pieces to show off your  eye for fashion.  Our stylish bracelets tips will keep you on top of your game!


Top 10 bracelet styles


Think you know every style of bracelet? We’ve identified the ten main ones.
You may recognize the styles and be sure to learn everything you can do with these beauties.


Bangles bracelets

1. Bangles

Bangles are timeless. They look wonderful in different combinations, and also make musical clinking sounds when you wear them. Bangles are inflexible loops that are very easy to wear and even easier to combine. Stacking bangles is a sure way to get you lots of attention and add extra sparkle to your outfit.

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Pearl bracelets

2. Pearl bracelets

Pearl bracelets are delicate and charming. If you’re looking for a classic bracelet that will go well with everything in your wardrobe, explore pearl bracelets. Want to give it a twist? Consider black or colored pearl bracelets.

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Station Bracelets

3. Station Bracelets

Station bracelets feature beautiful diamond clusters or tiny gemstones evenly spaced along a chain of precious metals. The result is very pleasant and appealing. If you want something dainty or minimalist, station bracelets will never disappoint.

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Tennis bracelets

4. Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets were popularized in the '80s and have never left the spotlight. They feature diamonds (or other gems) aligned into a tight fit in a flexible structure. The stones' size and the type of closure may vary, but the effect is always impactful and radiant.

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Initial bracelets

5. Initial bracelets

Who doesn't love wearing initial accessories? This is not only a piece that explores your identity well, but it makes a beautiful personalized gift! And why not? You can also create words with initial bracelets such as love, or even your full name—the more bracelets you add, the more your wrist will glow!

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Link bracelets

6. Link bracelets

Few bracelet styles are as trendy as links. Elevate any look with yellow, white, or rose gold link bracelets. Link bracelets are ultra-modern bracelet styles, often worn with button-down shirts, clutches, and jackets emphasizing a chic and cosmopolitan vibe.

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Cuff bracelets

7. Cuff

The name does not do justice to this very stylish bracelet. It is a perfect type of jewelry for different occasions: it easily adapts to different clothing types and can be worn both on informal and formal occasions.

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Chunky bracelets

8. Chunky

Chunky bracelets are stunning yet very comfortable to wear. If you're seeking a statement bracelet, this should be it. Remember that they must be worn with care, as their design must be carefully coordinated with other accessories.

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Anklets bracelets

9. Anklets

Anklets are bracelets for your ankles. These are a creative way to add even more glam to your outfits and highlight your shoes. Just like a necklace enhances your neckline, anklets draw attention to your legs and look very stunning paired with high heels.

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Gemstone bracelets

10. Gemstone bracelets

Add a pop of color to your day with gemstone bracelets. Options include rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Play with vibrant combinations—monochromatic looks will let you work with the same color pallet while complementary colors create stronger contrast and intriguing air.


Jewelry combination

How to combine bracelets with other accessories

Alternate! Opt for thin bangles one day, a station bracelet and stud earrings the next, and finally dare the chunky cuffs for the weekend.
The key to balancing accessories is harmony, and this actually works not only for bracelets, but also for rings, necklaces, and earrings.
Following the stackable jewelry trend is less limiting than you think—when you embrace many accessories at once, look for the same metal shade, thickness, and style (modern with modern, classic with classic, vintage with vintage).


On the spotlight: designers to make
you feel like you’re on a catwalk


Vahan bracelet



When the occasion requires a statement, you think about your clothes, hair, and then, of course, accessories! When you know a final touch is missing, but you still don't know what, explore Vahan!

A good pair of earrings and a Vahan bracelet are more than enough to finish a special look! Vahan does not disappoint with rich jewelry pieces that sparkle a lot.

Vahan provides freedom with their choices and make wearing bracelets something much more fun and authentic!


Allison Kaufman bracelet


Allison Kaufman

Easily style with bracelets from Allison Kaufman! You can bet on combinations with thin bracelets and rock the designer's cuffs featuring delicate yet layered designs.


Lafonn bracelet



Lafonn bracelets are one of the perfect pieces to have on your jewelry box since they do very well alone or combined. Lafonn crafts statement pieces which catch a lot of attention.
At the same time, Lafonn knows modern women need versatile, comfortable, and sparkling bracelets. We recommend Lafonn's stunning gemstone station bracelets featuring lovely birthstone colors.


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