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The secrets to customizing the perfect engagement ring

Imagine having an engagement ring that has no equal in the whole world.  The possibility of creating a unique engagement ring to reflect your relationship attracts many couples.
The preciousness of an engagement proposal is only made sweeter with something that truly makes your heart speed up, and customizing an engagement ring is one of the surest ways to make all your beloved's dreams come true.
Let's take a look at everything you need to know about how to customize engagement rings and tick the boxes with all options available to you.
Express all your creativity
1. Start with the setting
solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire – this is a timeless design that has never stopped conquering hearts. Solitaire engagement rings have the center stone on the spotlight with elegance, brilliance, and style.

halo engagement ring

Halo – many soon-to-be brides appreciate the design of halo engagement rings because the crown of diamonds surrounding the center stone creates an impressive effect that makes your ring seem larger.

three stone engagement ring
Three-stone – when looking for a setting to symbolize all stages of your relationship, you might wish to take a look at the three-stone style. The side-by-side diamonds in this setting represent the past, present, and future. Not to mention, this setting creates the opportunity to blend gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds.

bypass engagement ring

Bypass – the bypass setting portrays a very dynamic and fluid final result in rings. The design can be as intrinsic as you wish—sharp ends, ends tucked invisibly under the center stone, or even compressing the center stone (tension ring).
Split-shank engagement ring

Split-shank – this charming design allows for a small peek of the finger under the divided parts of the ring. If your heart is divided between sleek bands and bands encrusted with diamonds, well, pick a split shank style, and you can have both!
2. Balance the 4Cs

When discussing the properties of diamonds, we usually refer to 4Cs, which stand for carat, cut, clarity, and color. 
 We describe the many diamond cuts in the section below. Once you know your favorite diamond cut,
decide which other diamond characteristics are more important to you.

diamond cut

Cut – each stone is unique, and only a true master can tell which cut with extract the most brilliance out of a diamond. The results are ranked as "excellent," and those that fail to hide incisions and blemishes are classified as "fair."

diamond carat

Carat – this is the unit for measuring the weight of diamonds, so consequently, the larger the carat, the more impressive the diamond is.

diamond color

Color – low-grade color diamonds present brownish and yellow hues. A medium-grade color diamond will be closer to a diamond of high color grand: nearly colorless.

diamond clarity

Clarity – incisions, and blemishes impact the clarity of a diamond. Specific diamond cuts require diamonds of higher clarity because imperfections may be more evident.
3. Choose the shape of the center stone
princess cut diamond

Princess cut – engagement rings with princess cut diamonds are very romantic and delicate. The sharp ends in this cut make it a brilliant option that will not go unnoticed.

emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut – the emerald cut has clear and sharp facets that look stunning with good clarity grading diamonds.

round cut diamond

Round cut – this is a classic cut that maximizes the brilliance of diamonds due to its many facets. The round cut looks even more gorgeous in halo and double halo settings.

marquise cut diamond

Marquise cut – this diamond cut originated in France, and that impresses with flawless symmetry.

oval cut diamond

Oval cut – if you wish to add an extra touch to the round shape, consider opting for an oval cut diamond.

heart cut diamond

Heart cut – few cuts will convey the idea of romance as much as a heart cut diamond. The many facets of this cut require meticulous attention.

cushion cut diamond

Cushion cut – the cushion cut maximizes the light reflection of a diamond, if you enjoy round corners and square shape, this diamond will sparkle a lot.

pear cut diamond

Pear-cut – this diamond cut is a mixture of the marquise and round cuts; the result is a modern and well-defined design.
4. Decide on your favorite metal
engagement ring yellow gold

Yellow gold – yellow gold is a shade for those who love self-expression in the form of jewelry. The golden hues are bright, refined, and stand out on any skin complexion.

engagement ring white gold

White gold – white gold enhances diamonds' natural colorlessness and offers a sheer glow paired with jewelry of the same tone.

engagement ring rose gold

Rose gold – rose gold is a metal for romantics and for all those looking to break from tradition and wear engagement rings that reflect everything you want to say.

engagement ring platinum

Platinum – this metal will please those with allergies to most alloys since its purity is off the charts. Platinum rings will also showcase a magnetic glow and make durable options.

engagement ring two-tones

Two-tone – Create your blend of metals. Two-tone engagement rings are fun and creative and make it easy to combine various pieces of jewelry.

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