Jewelry Appraisals

At R. Gregory Jewelers, we provide written appraisals upon request. Our appraisals are good for insurance and other purposes. We use current market values and examine your piece of jewelry's attributes to give you an accurate number.

Why Get an Appraisal?

If you have never had your valuable jewelry appraised, it is important to have a qualified gemologist perform one. When you insure your home or belongings, there are separate riders for very expensive items, and you must declare high-ticket items such as engagement and wedding rings. This ensures fair compensation if the jewelry is stolen or destroyed.

Also, it is important to have a current appraisal. For example, an appraisal that was performed on a ring 20 years ago, would likely not reflect current market value. Be sure to update your appraisals as recommended by a gemologist. We will be happy to give you a renewal recommendation.

Appraisals are also helpful if you want to sell a piece of jewelry. Although you will never get the true value at a pawn shop, you can sell it through a forum or via an online auction site. You may also have estate jewelry to sell at a live auction. An appraisal shows the buyer that the item is genuine and that the asking price reflects the current value.

Why Choose R. Gregory Jewelers for Jewelry Appraisals?

We give you written appraisals that include detailed descriptions. They are performed by Kimberly Gregory, Graduate Gemologist, Diamonds, AJP and Certified Diamond Grader. Her credentials give you the assurance that you are getting the most accurate value in return for your investment.