Why Purchase a Diamond From Us?

Trust & Confidence

Diamonds are gifts of Love and represent the special moments in your life. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or as that Most Special gift for someone, you deserve A Diamond from R Gregory Jewelers which is backed by trust, confidence, and security.


Trust is a paramount to any lasting relationship. As you get to know us, we will develop a Relationship, this is most important to us, one based on a foundation of Trust. You can trust we are providing you with a diamond which is accurately represented. A diamond from RG is guaranteed to be accurate with a report from A Gemological Laboratory such as GIA or EGL, or report from a Graduate Gemologist from GIA. You can also trust that your Diamond meets the highest ethical standards. All diamonds comply with the Kimberly Process which is a system that warranties and ensures your diamond is conflict-free.


Buying a diamond with Confidence is important in today's world. You can be confident that a diamond from RG will retain its Value over time. With our exceptional Trade Up program, when or if you are ready you can trade your diamond toward another diamond of Greater Value. Ask for details.

Choosing a diamond is a highly personal decision and your own taste should be your Ultimate Guide. Nevertheless, there is Vocabulary Specific to diamonds that you will want to be familiar with or we will be happy to teach you along the way. Please refer to the 4c's section which will introduce you to the Language of diamonds.

A diamond is forever.