Archaeologists speculate that the first earring jewel was created by fearless nomadic warriors to highlight their tribes and to protect people.

Earrings have come a long way and the craft and devotion to these jewels can accentuate a woman's features and highlight any adorable outfit.

For different styles and looks, R. Gregory’s carries earrings with gems or in precious diamonds, hoop earrings, studs, or earrings with pendants. If you are in Statesville, North Carolina, don’t miss the chance to try our endless earring designs.

Earrings bring harmony to the image of their owner. The face shape, skin type, hairstyle, and temperament of a woman will come alive with the right composition. Trust our quality and models that are anything but average.

Earrings are one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. Our sparkling gems and precious metals will brighten your air, while dangle earrings can visually lengthen your neck. Even our most basic gold hoops or diamond studs transform everyday outfits for a complete look.

Our earrings will enhance your appearance, showcase your personality, and make you smile. We house countless intricate designs.

Round hoops will soften the shape of your jawline, while angled earrings can emphasize sharp features.

Choose oblong or straight earrings to attract eyes to your face. Sharp-angled earrings can balance the curves of your nose and cheeks.

White gold earrings are popular, yellow is still a classic style. You can play with our mixed-metal earrings or versions with pearls in accentuated layers.

Our classic style earrings showcase sterling silver and rose, yellow, or white gold inlaid with precious stones. Their form is simple and elegant in a clever reinterpretation of many styles like flowers, hearts, or crosses.

Our modern style earrings are striking, full of neat lines, and a variety of geometrical shapes.

Stud earrings are among the most popular, this combination is secured with a metal nut holding the earrings in place, making them very comfortable to wear.

Our beautiful hoops come in medium sizes with a curved barbell that goes through a hole giving the metal a clean finish and making them more secure and stable. Hoop earrings are always suitable for everyday wear.

We showcase gold and silver earrings in the appearance of loose chains or anatomic shapes exploring materials like onyx or malachite. If you love glitter, we have great alternatives in diamonds.

Our earrings can be found in endless styles and colors, so they are perfect for any occasion or event.

And who can resist the magic of our gem earrings? Every girl wants earrings with precious stones.

You deserve stunning rubies, amethysts, or sapphires surrounded by sparkling diamonds to wear with your cocktail dress for a special dinner.

Diamonds will light up your face, and stud earrings do not distract attention from other jewelry, such as gemstone necklaces if that’s the look you are going for.

If you want truly spectacular earrings in Statesville, NC, choose beautiful pieces from R. Gregory Jewelers. Luminous pearls or stunning gem earrings might be perfect for you.

We are located at 122 West Broad Street. Our professional staff is waiting for your visit. Look bright with us!

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