Gabriel & Co. Fashion Jewelry



Have you ever stopped in front of a jewelry store window and admired the goldsmith's work, the creativity, the imagination that certain pieces give off, and wished they were yours but didn’t know where to start?

With our Gabriel & Co. jewel selection, you will surely find inspiration and details which can be useful in your search for the perfect accessory right in Statesville.

Let yourself be fascinated by R. Gregory’s renowned brands and dive in the possibilities designers like Gabriel & Co. feature. Pay special attention to the quality of the brand pieces and creative techniques, as well as the symbolism every jewel expresses in lines, colors, and materials.

History bears witness to an obsession for ornaments and adornments, which can lift your spirits, make you mysterious and enigmatic without really showing why.

Even more than clothing, jewel accessories convey a quite unique aura to the one who wears them.

When it comes to Gabriel & Co. earrings, forget the symmetries. Wearing the same number of jewels on both lobes is last season: bet on a different number of earrings for each ear and different models. The secret? A single statement piece, and small earrings of varying shapes, sizes, and styles.

Gabriel & Co. necklaces can be just as much a fashion accessory as a religious symbol that can be used to express your convictions or your personal beliefs.

In addition to the traditional crosses—objects of every designers’ attention—our starbursts, hearts, or lockets can be a bold alternative that conveys your beliefs just as well.

Wearing multiple necklaces together is undoubtedly the trend of the moment. If unsure where to start, focus on necklaces of different lengths and wear them one on top of the other to ensure that all are evident in the neckline, from one of our white gold chokers to the long drop necklace. Mix simple pendants and chains for a more refined effect.

Our fashion bracelets will turn eyes on your wrists and add a certain distinguished touch to your look and adapt very well to your outfits, summer, or winter. Symbols of our social identity, bracelet jewelry can be powerful tools of success!

How about our imaginative rings that double, triple, and even multiply by four: in reality, there is no limit to the number of rings that can be added on a finger. For this reason, renowned designers have long studied rings that stack up.

We offer irregular shapes that fit like the pieces of a puzzle, or they can simply be added one next to the other according to your preferences and moods.

There are no rules: the secret to stacking rings lies in finding the right mix, in the choice of precious metals and stones, in combining shapes, volumes, and sizes.

Whether it's necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets, you will look instantly confident and desirable with Gabriel & Co. artistic pieces from R. Gregory Jewelers.

Find enchanting accessory designs in Statesville, our showroom is brimming with unique pieces that will make you glow.
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