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Rings Rings Rings. They’re the one piece of jewelry we will all most likely wear at least once in our lifetime. We’ve chosen them as our jewelry piece of choice to represent one of life’s greatest journeys, partly due to the fact that they’re on one of the most visible and personal parts of the body.

Because of this, it’s important that whatever rings you put on your fingers, you choose ones that match you and your style. We here at R.Gregory Jewelers understand this and are looking forward to helping you find the perfect ring. From different types of fashion rings to engagement rings, and with a wide variety of designers, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re searching for with our wonderful selection.

Translating to everlasting desire in Gaelic, the jewelry design team Lafonn promise to provide you with luxury within reach. Inspired by the rare and enchanting allure of beauty from within, Lafonn creates one-of-a-kind rings with the highest level of craftsmanship. In this Heritage Platinum Ring, an oval cut simulated diamond takes center stage as beads outline its shape.

As it floats in the bottomless middle it is detached from the remainder of the band save for four points of contact, a pair of triangular shapes beside it, and a pair of trapezoid-like shapes below and above.

All four shapes are outlined with beading and contain a round cut simulated diamond inside. Around the center stone and interrupted by these aforementioned shapes in between are a cluster of baguette-cut lab-grown sapphires lined as a halo.

As one of the oldest and most respected diamond jewelry artisans in the US, Allison-Kaufman has been designing rings for three generations.

Known for their meticulous team of jewelers, the creativity In the brand is highly visible in pieces like this 14k Gold Ladies Diamond Ring.

A stunningly large emerald-cut London blue topaz acts as the center stone, with a pair of triangle cut blue topaz’s connected on either side. Outlining the shapes and filling the space in between are round cut diamonds set in large and prominent prong settings.

Color plays an amazing role in this band, with the contrast between the blue gem, rose gold, and clear diamond bringing an inimitable opulence.

Another top-quality brand that’s producing dazzling rings is Doron Paloma’s Doves. Coming from a family of precious gemstone manufacturers, Paloma uses his Architecture degree and the artistry he learned in school to create spectacular rings.

Inspired by heirloom jewelry, this 18k Yellow Gold ring brings in a lovely contemporary twist. In the center, an oval-shaped white mother of pearl instantly pulls the eye inward with its glimmer. Around it is a halo of diamonds standing out gorgeously against the yellow gold base.

On either side of the diamond halo, rectangular black onyx adds a stark color contrast and an extra geometric element.

Completing the outwards span and gradual decrease in size, four vertically lined diamonds mimic the long shape of the mother of pearl and black onyx in wonderful harmony.

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